Choosing The Right Taps For Your Bathroom

Posted on Apr 21, 2013

Whether you are completely redecorating and redesigning your bathroom or just wanting to give it a spruce of life, one aspect that needs to be covered regardless is your choice of taps. Putting the wrong style, colour or size taps on to a bath or basin can completely destroy the hard work you have put into the rest of the bathroom. However, choose the right taps and it will give you a high quality finish that you didn’t even realise was possible to achieve.

Coordination and consistency throughout a bathroom, or any room for that matter is key and choosing the right tap is the final stage of that process. With freshly painted walls and tactically positioned mirrors in place, the taps are one of the last and most important stages to achieving your place of retreat, your sanctuary of relaxation. Which taps to choose however is dependent upon the style of your bathroom and the budget in your bank. 

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are a popular choice for modern bathrooms as they offer a stylish yet practical approach that fits almost any budget. Simple and elegant, mixer taps are a great option for homes where style is desired as well as practicality without spending a great amount of money. Easy to install on almost any bath or sink, even the most novice of DIY enthusiasts could make a mixer tap look good with the help of a trusty screwdriver and Nick Knowles’ ‘How to’ manual. 
Also great for bathrooms where space is an issue, the mixer tap allows baths and sinks to look less cluttered and help make the most out of any space that you do have. For those with a period bathroom or are going for traditional styling, nothing adds a bit of heritage and classical styling like a bath and shower mixer tap. Offering a practical and period correct feature to any classical bathroom, a bath and shower mixer tap will finish the look perfectly. 

Waterfall Taps

For those looking for that extra panache, a waterfall tap is the right way to go about it as it is almost guaranteed to give you that extra wow factor when you walk into any bathroom. Offering a natural and elegant feature to any basin or bath, the waterfall tap is definitely a popular choice for luxury bathrooms or those trying to make a statement. The perfect accompaniment to a lavish and ultra modern bath or sink, this will be sure to impress the friends and look beautiful amongst the soft towels and marble tiling surrounding it. 
Available in freestanding versions too combined with a shower mixer, they offer a unique and innovative way to enjoy your experience within the bathroom, enhancing your bathing ritual that little bit more.

Freestanding Taps

Standing out from the crowd, a freestanding tap is the only to complement any free standing bath. Available in a range of different designs, from mixers to individual spouts, a freestanding bath has both traditional and modern aspects giving it versatility that makes it appealing to so many types of home owners. 

Acting as a feature in itself, freestanding taps offer a unique and luxurious element to a standard bathroom too. Popular when combined with a shower attachment, this choice of tap offers a different yet stylish solution to bathing regardless of the type of bathroom you have.

Bidet Taps

Offering a universal fixture to any type of bathroom, a bidet tap offers a stylish and practical solution to finish off your bathroom with a professional and elegant look. Perfect for those designing a bathroom on a budget, the bidet tap comes in a variety of different design and styles making it a popular choice within the bathroom and throughout the rest of the house. 

  1. These mixer taps offer style and sophistication to any bathroom at an affordable price without compromising on quality or visual aesthetics. Perfect for those trying to maximise space as well, bidet taps are available in small sizes to maximise a bathrooms open areas without sacrificing elegance or practicality.