Critical Considerations When Choosing Your New Bathroom Taps

Posted on Jan 18, 2013


Selecting the right bathroom taps is essential, especially when you’ve hand-picked your ceramics and furniture to co-ordinate perfectly with one another. It’s up to your bathroom taps to provide those essential finishing touches to your bathroom space, as well as adding the necessary functionality for comfortable bathroom experiences.

As with any bathroom addition, taps need careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure you’re investing in the right taps for your home. Take the following aspects into account before making your decision…


Believe it or not, taps can come in more finishes that the traditional gleaming chromes. You also have gold, black and mixage to choose from should you be looking to add a bolder style to your rest room. Gold and mixage are typically found in a more traditional bathroom, as they add luxurious style and combine perfectly with classic ceramics with defined edges. 
If you wish to make a bold statement in your bathroom, then black taps are certainly the way to do so. Combining perfectly with modern, dazzling white ceramics, this finish is sure to add undeniable contemporary style to your bathroom.


As previously mentioned, bathroom taps certainly have a lot of leverage in dictating the style of your bathroom. It’s really important to find taps that match the atmosphere and theme you’re trying to create. For a contemporary bathroom, take a look at mono basin mixer taps to add a truly modern finish and functionality to your bathroom. For those looking to create a more traditional theme, cross head taps are often a popular option, as they offer a much more rustic style with their truly classic design. Again, gold and mixage finishes are especially popular for these sorts of decors.

Technical Information

Last but not least, you’ll also need to ensure that your tap will function to its full potential in your bathroom. In order to establish this, you’ll need to find out the operating pressure of your water system and ensure your taps can work with it. In some cases, the water pressure may be too low for some taps or even shower valves that require a particularly high pressure to work properly. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as investing in a particularly expensive range of taps, just for them to work inadequately or not at all once they’re installed.

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