Ward off the Winter Blues with a New Towel Rail from Just Taps and Rails

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

With the recent weather conditions proving to be problematic to say the least, you wouldn’t be alone in reconsidering your heating in your home, especially in the bathroom. The feeling of stepping out of your hot morning shower or relaxing pre-sleep bath into a beautifully warmed, super soft towel is unbelievably relaxing, and definitely beats being exposed to the perilous winter woes and freezing conditions as you scramble for an equally cold towel.

To combat these harsh conditions that capture us at our most vulnerable moments, we have the perfect warm and welcoming heated towel rail for you. Whether you’re seeking something specific or just know that it’s time to replace your disintegrating rusty rail for a beautifully crafted, efficient one, our range of heated towel rails add some essential winter warmth to every home. 

Add a touch of Tradition

Our range of beautiful traditional towel rails certainly adds a touch of elegance and undeniable classic style to your bathroom, and with a wide variety of sizes and styles available, we’re confident that we have the perfectly charming Victorian styed addition to add to your rest room.

Our traditional rails all add an undeniable touch of luxurious charm whilst also offering impressive heat outputs to give your bathroom that must needed burst of winter heat. 

Cool Contemporary

Although the styles and designs of our contemporary styled towel rails are cool, their heat outputs are certainly not. Providing you with a solid and reliable heat source to warm even the largest of bathrooms, our modern towel rails are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choose from a variety of ladder rails, or if you fancy a more classic radiator design, our columnar radiators also add a touch of classic bathroom style.

Here at Just Taps and Rails, we ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality and most efficient towel rails for affordable price. Unable to be beaten on price, you can feel rest assured that your new heated towel rail will go the distance in terms of maintaining your bathroom décor style as well as giving you that much needed additional warmth for the unwelcoming cold mornings.

Check out our impressive discounts on our vast choice of high quality, stylish and affordable taps and towel rails today.