Top Tips to Transform Tired Bathroom Taps

Posted on Apr 15, 2013


Cina Basin TapsWithout on-going care and maintenance, bathroom taps can quickly become tired and scruffy. In turn this can make the bathroom appear a little uncared for and untidy, so it’s highly advisable to always keep on top of your taps and give them some occasional tender loving care when you begin to notice the early signs of trouble.

The two main problems that we encounter as home owners are:

  • Everyday Dirt and Grime: This counts as any dust, splash marks or water stains that build up over time on our taps. Although they can usually be wiped clean, some additional detergent may be required to remove the harder, dried on stains. A gentle bathroom cleaner or even white toothpaste can be used as an effective method of cleaning, although should be avoided if your taps are constructed from brass or gold.


  • Limescale: Considerably much more problematic than a light dusting of dirt, limescale is incredibly problematic for the functionality of taps, and of top of this makes a bathroom appear run down and uncared for. The best way to prevent extensive damage is to regularly apply a light dousing of specialist limescale remover. Whilst doing this it is absolutely essential to follow to instructions, as leaving some limescale removal products on for long periods of time can go on to cause damage to the tap.


In order to prevent the hassle of having to carry out serious maintenance at regular intervals on your taps, consider having a soft dry cloth ready to wipe down your taps after use. This will not only keep them clean, it will also ensure that they maintain their shine and continue to be vital aspects of your bathroom’s aesthetics and décor style.

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