Bathroom Essentials: Installing a Heated Towel Rail for Year Round Luxury

Posted on Apr 03, 2013

Towel Rail from Just Taps and Rails

Although last month may have been the second coldest March on record, there are small signs that spring and summer may finally be on their way. For the majority of home owners, this means that heating bills can be reduced and central heating systems can take a break.

That said it’s important not to forget your bathroom towel rail as the summer months slowly come upon us. After all, the feeling of pleasure and bliss of stepping out of a bath or shower into a perfectly warmed towel should be an experience that is enjoyed throughout the year.

Shape and Style

Not only do heated towel rails offer a great source of heat, they also bring a great deal of style and class into each bathroom. Now available in such an extensive range of shapes, sizes and styles, today’s radiators now offer impressive heat outputs as well as varying finishes to suit every décor.

This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re adding a heat source to a new renovation or an existing décor, this widespread availability allows the perfect radiator to be sought out for practically any space.


The days of the generic white radiators are luckily long gone. Of course rails can still be purchased with an attractive white finish; however modern trends and contemporary designs are siding with bolder tones such as chromes and blacks. This again revolutionises the style of the modern day bathroom, improving availability and also adding a bold sense of contemporary style and class.

Contemporary V.S Traditional

The particular finish, shape and style you choose will depend on the type of atmosphere you wish to create in your bathroom. Older homes that wish to replicate a classic style often opt for Victorian themed towel rail, whereas the more modern, contemporary home spaces will tend to purchase a highly functional ladder rail to compliment any sized space.

So when it comes to choosing your new towel rails, don’t forget to consider the following factors:

• Space Availability – Luckily today’s radiators and towel rails are available in an extensive range of sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add one to an en-suite or main house bathroom; sizes vary so much you can find one in the right size to suit your requirements.

• Finish – Depending on the sort of style you wish to achieve (contemporary or traditional), the finish you choose will also vary. Chrome, white and black are the usual choices, however don’t be surprised if you discover others.

• Shape and Design – Again this will be heavily influenced by the décor that you currently or wish to have in place. Traditional rails often feature heated bars with obvious Victorian charm, whereas modern bathrooms often benefit from sleek ladder rails with a bold finish such as chrome or black.

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