Experience Ultimate Bathroom Freedom with Our Freestanding Bath Taps

Posted on Feb 07, 2013

Freestanding bath taps provide both style and functionality to the everyday bathroom as they continue to prove to be an essential addition to freestanding baths. An increasing amount of home owners are opting to invest in freestanding baths for both modern and traditional bathrooms, as they provide the user with a truly luxurious and relaxing bathroom experience.


Gone are the days are fumbling around the bathroom taps to avoid discomfort, or if you are to enjoy a romantic bath with your partner, drawing straws as to who has to lay against the uncomfortable, sharp and awkward taps. A freestanding tap allows you to laze around in luxury and can be placed at your convenience outside of the bath – and this also allows your plumbing and water supply to have a little more leeway in terms of installation as well.


Freestanding bath taps allow you to enjoy your bath in its entirety whilst still enjoying incredibly stylish and functional taps, allowing you to get the perfect temperature for optimum comfort. The elegant floor standing design allows you to enjoy bath time like never before as well as adding a truly unique style to your décor.

Whether you wish to create a modern or traditional décor in your home, the massive range of freestanding taps available allow you customise your space perfectly to suit the style that you wish to achieve. Offering a fresh and designer-like feel to any bathroom that they are placed in, these taps ensure your restroom stands out from the rest whilst also offering excellent functionality.

Choose Just Taps and Rails

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