Freestanding Bath Taps

Posted on Nov 04, 2013

So you’ve taken the plunge (so to speak) and have chosen a freestanding bath but it can often seem like a step into the unknown. Whilst a lot of freestanding baths on the market today will use a lot of space within a bathroom, there are significant amounts of options that are designed for smaller bathroom spaces.


The benefit of a freestanding bath is adaptability they can lend themselves to whatever particular design aesthetic of the bathroom they’re placed in. A Victorian bathroom design that uses roll top baths can look fabulous when the bath is placed in the centre of a room. Likewise if you’re planning a simple yet contemporary designed bathroom, pick a freestanding bath with smooth curves and a pure finish. The important thing to consider is space around the bath and then to choose the right coordinating bath taps.


Freestanding bath taps offer both style and functionality to a conventional bathroom. A growing amount of homeowners are opting to invest in freestanding baths for both modern and traditional bathrooms, as they provide the user with a truly lavish and relaxing bathroom experience. A freestanding bath tap is a perfect choice to accompany a freestanding bathtub as they give off a certain an air of luxury, not often found with deck-mounted taps. Wall mounted bath fillers can be a nice option if you push your bath against a wall, however to get the full advantage of a luxury freestanding bath allowing space around the bath is highly advisable and allows your bath and freestanding taps to become a show stopping bathroom centerpiece.


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Luxury Victorian Towel Rails

Posted on Oct 25, 2013



Over the last 10 years, with the popularity of TV programs like DIY SOS, Double your house for half the money and Kirstie's Homemade Home the trend for old-fashioned bathrooms has seen a real upsurge. Traditionally using salvaged bathroom furniture was the only way to accomplish this look with designers seen pulling old slipper baths from skips, but thankfully manufacturers are keeping up with demand with skillfully crafted traditional bathroom products. But when you think about it, the design and décor of a traditional bathroom can be rather complex, as there are a great deal of factors to consider when creating a plan of what you wish to do with the space that you have available to you.

The two most important features of a Traditional style bathroom are the bath and the towel rail. A freestanding roll-top or slipper bath can be the centerpiece attraction of a well-designed bathroom, and providing you stay safe any roll-top or slipper bath will be suitable. However you need to give careful attention to the towel rail that you choose for your bathroom. Although they may seem like a relatively obvious addition, they add that much needed touch of style as well as providing you with that much needed touch of warmth through the winter months. One style of radiator that looks great no matter what the rest of the room looks like is the classic Victorian radiator.

Any interior designer will tell you that the success of a design often lies in the details, so make sure that your details look as good as the rest of your home and choose something you can be proud of. Victorian radiators immediately make a room feel cosy. Not only will a Victorian style radiator fit better with your period features, it will help to complement and enhance them, making your entire home feel more complete and cosier. Perfect.

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Size isn't everything!

Posted on Sep 06, 2013

Limited space doesn't have to limit creativity, so if you’ve decided to upgrade your tired looking bathroom don’t be concerned about size, after all it isn’t everything!

The bathroom is arguably the most unique room in the house and demands special requirements in terms of renovation and decoration. It is often difficult to style a bathroom using conventional everyday materials such as wallpaper, as it won't last for long due to high levels of moisture that come from daily baths and showers. If you're stuck for bathroom decoration ideas and inspiration there are always simple tricks that can rejuvenate a tired looking bathroom to a showpiece straight out of a catalogue.

Bathroom tiles are a common addition in most bathrooms, partly because they are effective when it comes to dealing with the moisture in the air and because they can be used inside the shower, on the walls and floor. Tiles are also extremely hardwearing making them ideal in the bathroom. Tiles don’t have to be plain and boring and can make walls come to life, as there is an endless selection of colours, sizes and textures to choose from. The drawback with tiling the bathroom is that they will need to be fitted by a professional, which may bite into a budget that you may have set yourself.

Taps might seem like quite an insignificant thing when it comes to the design of your bathroom but in actual fact changing your taps can make a big difference to the appearance of your bathroom. When you are on a budget, upgrading your bathroom taps can be a great way of updating your bathroom without the need to go all out with a complete bathroom refurbishment.

Whether you are completely redecorating and redesigning your bathroom or just wanting to give it a spruce of life, one aspect that needs to be covered regardless is your choice of taps. Putting the wrong style, colour or size taps on to a bath or basin can completely destroy the hard work you have put into the rest of the bathroom. However, choose the right taps and it will give you a high quality finish that you didn’t even realise was possible to achieve. Coordination and consistency throughout a bathroom, or any room for that matter is key and choosing the right tap is the final stage of that process. With freshly painted walls and tactically positioned mirrors in place, the taps are one of the last and most important stages to achieving your place of retreat, your sanctuary of relaxation.

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Bathroom Essentials: Installing a Heated Towel Rail for Year Round Luxury

Posted on Apr 03, 2013

Towel Rail from Just Taps and Rails

Although last month may have been the second coldest March on record, there are small signs that spring and summer may finally be on their way. For the majority of home owners, this means that heating bills can be reduced and central heating systems can take a break.

That said it’s important not to forget your bathroom towel rail as the summer months slowly come upon us. After all, the feeling of pleasure and bliss of stepping out of a bath or shower into a perfectly warmed towel should be an experience that is enjoyed throughout the year.

Shape and Style

Not only do heated towel rails offer a great source of heat, they also bring a great deal of style and class into each bathroom. Now available in such an extensive range of shapes, sizes and styles, today’s radiators now offer impressive heat outputs as well as varying finishes to suit every décor.

This means that it doesn’t matter if you’re adding a heat source to a new renovation or an existing décor, this widespread availability allows the perfect radiator to be sought out for practically any space.


The days of the generic white radiators are luckily long gone. Of course rails can still be purchased with an attractive white finish; however modern trends and contemporary designs are siding with bolder tones such as chromes and blacks. This again revolutionises the style of the modern day bathroom, improving availability and also adding a bold sense of contemporary style and class.

Contemporary V.S Traditional

The particular finish, shape and style you choose will depend on the type of atmosphere you wish to create in your bathroom. Older homes that wish to replicate a classic style often opt for Victorian themed towel rail, whereas the more modern, contemporary home spaces will tend to purchase a highly functional ladder rail to compliment any sized space.

So when it comes to choosing your new towel rails, don’t forget to consider the following factors:

• Space Availability – Luckily today’s radiators and towel rails are available in an extensive range of sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to add one to an en-suite or main house bathroom; sizes vary so much you can find one in the right size to suit your requirements.

• Finish – Depending on the sort of style you wish to achieve (contemporary or traditional), the finish you choose will also vary. Chrome, white and black are the usual choices, however don’t be surprised if you discover others.

• Shape and Design – Again this will be heavily influenced by the décor that you currently or wish to have in place. Traditional rails often feature heated bars with obvious Victorian charm, whereas modern bathrooms often benefit from sleek ladder rails with a bold finish such as chrome or black.

Just Taps and Rails provide an extensive range of stunning heated towel rails to suit virtually any bathroom décor. Browse our extensive range of taps and rails today at unbeatably low prices today to bag a true bargain.

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A Spring Clean and a Subtle Change: Choosing Your New Bathroom Taps

Posted on Mar 15, 2013


Spring time continues to be the perfect time to carry out a much-needed intensive clean throughout the home. With added attention to our interior decors, it’s also the ideal time to choose rooms which are in desperate need of renovation. Due to frequent use and connotations of relaxation, the bathroom often requires a little tender loving care year on year to keep it in a consistently good condition.

Many home owners will find it especially difficult to carry out full renovations year after year, as this will take a great deal of both time and money. Luckily, there is an alternative that requires a considerably smaller economic and time consuming investment.

A Change of Taps

In order to give a feeling of freshness to your bathroom whilst avoiding spending a great deal of money on an expensive renovation, consider changing your bathroom taps. Although it may seem like a relatively small alteration, the addition of some brand new chrome taps will give every bathroom a whole new lease of life.

Accessory Co-Ordination

Before you can invest in a set of matching bath and basin taps, you’ll need to take your current décor into consideration. It’s important that any additions you make to a style that is already in place coordinate accordingly. For example, purchasing some gold, cross head, traditional taps perhaps wouldn’t fit aesthetically in a contemporary, chic bathroom space.

Options Available

When it comes to choosing the right taps for your home, the options are virtually endless. This is where you can really adapt your taps to add a sense of personality to your bathroom space. Choose from a wide range of mono basin mixer taps, waterfall taps, freestanding taps and so much more. The bathroom market continues to grow and prosper ensuring you can always find the perfect collection for your home.

Just Taps and Rails offer an extensive range of taps of every shape and size to enable you to apply those much needed finishing touches to your bathroom, or simply gives your old rest room a fresh lease of life. We’re incredibly proud to say that we can’t be beaten on price, since we ensure we reduce costs as much as possible so that we can offer our customers the best possible deal.

For more information, and to find your perfect bathroom tap collection today at an affordable price today, check out our massive range today.


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Experience Ultimate Bathroom Freedom with Our Freestanding Bath Taps

Posted on Feb 07, 2013

Freestanding bath taps provide both style and functionality to the everyday bathroom as they continue to prove to be an essential addition to freestanding baths. An increasing amount of home owners are opting to invest in freestanding baths for both modern and traditional bathrooms, as they provide the user with a truly luxurious and relaxing bathroom experience.


Gone are the days are fumbling around the bathroom taps to avoid discomfort, or if you are to enjoy a romantic bath with your partner, drawing straws as to who has to lay against the uncomfortable, sharp and awkward taps. A freestanding tap allows you to laze around in luxury and can be placed at your convenience outside of the bath – and this also allows your plumbing and water supply to have a little more leeway in terms of installation as well.


Freestanding bath taps allow you to enjoy your bath in its entirety whilst still enjoying incredibly stylish and functional taps, allowing you to get the perfect temperature for optimum comfort. The elegant floor standing design allows you to enjoy bath time like never before as well as adding a truly unique style to your décor.

Whether you wish to create a modern or traditional décor in your home, the massive range of freestanding taps available allow you customise your space perfectly to suit the style that you wish to achieve. Offering a fresh and designer-like feel to any bathroom that they are placed in, these taps ensure your restroom stands out from the rest whilst also offering excellent functionality.

Choose Just Taps and Rails

So what exactly makes Just Taps and Rails different? Offering unbeatably low prices combined with excellent service, we’re confident that we have the perfect free standing bath taps to complete your décor perfectly. Our high quality products are not only budget-friendly; they also come in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit your requirements accordingly.

Check out our wide range today to discover the perfect accompaniment to your bathroom today.

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Ward off the Winter Blues with a New Towel Rail from Just Taps and Rails

Posted on Jan 25, 2013

With the recent weather conditions proving to be problematic to say the least, you wouldn’t be alone in reconsidering your heating in your home, especially in the bathroom. The feeling of stepping out of your hot morning shower or relaxing pre-sleep bath into a beautifully warmed, super soft towel is unbelievably relaxing, and definitely beats being exposed to the perilous winter woes and freezing conditions as you scramble for an equally cold towel.

To combat these harsh conditions that capture us at our most vulnerable moments, we have the perfect warm and welcoming heated towel rail for you. Whether you’re seeking something specific or just know that it’s time to replace your disintegrating rusty rail for a beautifully crafted, efficient one, our range of heated towel rails add some essential winter warmth to every home. 

Add a touch of Tradition

Our range of beautiful traditional towel rails certainly adds a touch of elegance and undeniable classic style to your bathroom, and with a wide variety of sizes and styles available, we’re confident that we have the perfectly charming Victorian styed addition to add to your rest room.

Our traditional rails all add an undeniable touch of luxurious charm whilst also offering impressive heat outputs to give your bathroom that must needed burst of winter heat. 

Cool Contemporary

Although the styles and designs of our contemporary styled towel rails are cool, their heat outputs are certainly not. Providing you with a solid and reliable heat source to warm even the largest of bathrooms, our modern towel rails are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Choose from a variety of ladder rails, or if you fancy a more classic radiator design, our columnar radiators also add a touch of classic bathroom style.

Here at Just Taps and Rails, we ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality and most efficient towel rails for affordable price. Unable to be beaten on price, you can feel rest assured that your new heated towel rail will go the distance in terms of maintaining your bathroom décor style as well as giving you that much needed additional warmth for the unwelcoming cold mornings.

Check out our impressive discounts on our vast choice of high quality, stylish and affordable taps and towel rails today. 

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Critical Considerations When Choosing Your New Bathroom Taps

Posted on Jan 18, 2013


Selecting the right bathroom taps is essential, especially when you’ve hand-picked your ceramics and furniture to co-ordinate perfectly with one another. It’s up to your bathroom taps to provide those essential finishing touches to your bathroom space, as well as adding the necessary functionality for comfortable bathroom experiences.

As with any bathroom addition, taps need careful consideration needs to be taken to ensure you’re investing in the right taps for your home. Take the following aspects into account before making your decision…


Believe it or not, taps can come in more finishes that the traditional gleaming chromes. You also have gold, black and mixage to choose from should you be looking to add a bolder style to your rest room. Gold and mixage are typically found in a more traditional bathroom, as they add luxurious style and combine perfectly with classic ceramics with defined edges. 
If you wish to make a bold statement in your bathroom, then black taps are certainly the way to do so. Combining perfectly with modern, dazzling white ceramics, this finish is sure to add undeniable contemporary style to your bathroom.


As previously mentioned, bathroom taps certainly have a lot of leverage in dictating the style of your bathroom. It’s really important to find taps that match the atmosphere and theme you’re trying to create. For a contemporary bathroom, take a look at mono basin mixer taps to add a truly modern finish and functionality to your bathroom. For those looking to create a more traditional theme, cross head taps are often a popular option, as they offer a much more rustic style with their truly classic design. Again, gold and mixage finishes are especially popular for these sorts of decors.

Technical Information

Last but not least, you’ll also need to ensure that your tap will function to its full potential in your bathroom. In order to establish this, you’ll need to find out the operating pressure of your water system and ensure your taps can work with it. In some cases, the water pressure may be too low for some taps or even shower valves that require a particularly high pressure to work properly. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as investing in a particularly expensive range of taps, just for them to work inadequately or not at all once they’re installed.

Here at Just Taps and Rails, we provide an extensive range of the finest quality cheap bathroom taps for unbeatable prices. Browse our wide range of stunning taps designed to fit perfectly into every bathroom décor. With such a vast range of great quality taps, look no further to transform your bathroom today.


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Choose Towel Rails to Transform Your Bathroom Suite

Posted on Jan 04, 2013

With a new year upon us, it’s finally time to look to our homes and decide what work needs to be carried out to bring out its undeniable hidden glory. At this time, a great deal of home owners will turn to the bathroom as the main room for renovation, as this is usually one of the most used rooms in the house, and also needs to be both stylish and organised in order for it to be enjoyed properly.

When you think about it, the design and décor of a bathroom can be rather complex, as there are a great deal of factors to consider when creating a plan of what you wish to do with the space that you have available to you. Important additions that will need a great deal of consideration include:

Ceramics: Your toilet and basin are going to pivotal parts of your new bathroom suite, so it’s important to choose them wisely.

Furniture: Every bathroom needs an area to hide away unsightly lotions and potions. Some high quality cabinets and shelves should be considered to keep your bathroom looking clean, tidy and well organised.

Accessories: Don’t forget that the smaller bathroom accessories play an equally vital role in the functionality of your rest room. Taps, wall hung accessories and wirework fittings should be chosen carefully to ensure they fit in accordingly with the style that you wish to achieve.

Towel Rails: Last but by no means least; you need to give careful attention to the towel rail that you choose for your bathroom. Although they may seem like a relatively obvious addition, they add that much needed touch of modern style as well as providing you with that much needed touch of warmth through the winter months.

Luckily, towel rails are available in a massive range of styles to co-ordinate perfectly with your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to a create a traditional feel with a classic column radiator, or something a little more contemporary with a modern ladder rail, here at Just Taps and Rails, we have the perfect one to suit your requirements, and for just the right price to.

Check out our range of towel rails today to find yourself the perfect addition to your bathroom, and with our low price guarantee, you can feel rest assured you’re getting the best rail for the best price.

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